This downloadable program will do something that has never been done before...

You Now Have the Opportunity to Own an Instruction Manual...a Simple Help Lead You To Your Ultimate Success in Finances, Relationships and Spirituality.

This one book will replace all other books on the theories of getting rich; a book that takes a scientific approach to getting rich. 

But, this series goes one step further into the one area that is the most difficult to deal with when confronting the challenge of getting rich in this world...getting beyond our barriers and limitations.

There is an energy that is pervasive in those that get rich.

The people that are not rich, have another type of energy, most people have this, which can be considered bad news...but, here's the good news!

There is a method that will dissolve the limitations you possess to getting rich.

That's right!  You can dissolve barriers to your success very quickly and easily and then acquire the energy necessary to lead you to riches in life that you have only dreamed about thus far.

Here's how this series works:

Each chapter of this classic book is available for you to read and there is an audio discussing each chapter and how to apply the concepts in your daily life.

Also, the audios will walk you through the method that will clear the barriers to your success.

With the Series you will get (everything is delivered via download or you can listen in online):

Bullet Point Over 18 hours of downloadable recordings to guide you on the path of the Science of Getting Rich.
Bullet Point
155 page manual so you can follow along and capture the most important concepts that may provide you with defining moments in life.
Bullet Point

36 EFT Tapping Routines to help you break through more barriers

Bullet Point 12 Ways to Improve Your EFT Skills
Bullet Point 5 Pocket Guides to carry with you as you progress through the series

I could give you all the benefits, arguments and persuasion that is possible so that you will add this material to your library and so that you begin to implement these practices and gain the freedom you desire with your finances, your relationships and your spiritual life...

But, you know what?

I'm not going to persuade you about this program, but here is what I will do:


Enjoy this free session!

It lasts for about an hour...

Just click the play button below and begin ...


Three things to pay attention to when you listen to this session:

  1. There are some powerful concepts mentioned in this "wrap up" session ... take notes!

  2. Notice how the callers commented that the concepts and EFT tapping routines throughout the program were "right on" the issues were exposed and the EFT tapping routines "hit home."

  3. There is an outstanding example of how to go DEEPER with EFT on your own ... this will help you discover more tail enders so that you can become more emotionally free! When you are emotionally free, you are more resourceful...when you are more resourceful, then your ability to realize a rich life increases expoentially!


...if you find some incredible value in just this one session, imagine how much value you can gain by working with the entire series.



Get started immersing yourself in the principles of the Science of Getting Rich while at the same time utilizing EFT to dissolve the resistance that you have lived with...the resistance to experiencing abundance in every aspect of your life...financesl...empowering relationships (both business and personal)...energetic health...and your personal spiritual path.



Guess what?


I'm going to use the "G" word...that's right...GUARANTEED!!!




Allow me to take the risk

off your hands


If within six months of purchase, you are not satisfied for any reason, just contact me and I will refund the entire $97...oh, and keep the program!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

EFT and the Science of Getting Rich

One good reason to click on the "Buy Now" button below is that I am guaranteeing this series of downloadable EFT sessions...and it's an unconditional guarantee.



Just click the button below,

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and let's begin this journey together!



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I can't give you 25 different programs as a bonus, but I do have ONE BONUS and I believe you will find this very, very valuable and helpful!


Let me ask you a couple questions...


If I could give you just 3 keys to helping you become more and more successful...more and more effective...with your EFT work...would that be useful to you?


Is a life of peace eluding you?


You feel that you are being more peaceful, but then one day, you just can't take it!!!


And, once again, peace has left your grasp! Ever felt that way?


I am going to give you another tool to help you find, not only the rich life you desire, but also to discover your own personal peace in life.



I am including the program:3 Keys to Success with Your EFT Work...

at no charge to you!

3 Key to Success with Your EFT Work



Here's what you get with this program:


Bullet Point 3 online videos...these are about 15 minutes each...short but packed with some tools and info that you can absorb very easily! That's another 45 minutes of video instruction!
Bullet Point
A downloadable copy of E.P.I.C. ... the key to being specific! The more specific, the more terrific your EFT results will be!
Bullet Point A downloadable copy of Secondary Gain...these pdf file will give you a load of questions to utilitize in your EFT Work to uncover the deeper, core issues. When you can identify the core issues and apply EFT to them, more permanent change is possible!
Bullet Point Two other downloadable handouts that have several Reminder Cards. Consistency is crucial for your success and sometimes you just need some reminders...these are included as well!



So, there you's all there for you...let's get going right away because success and riches are attrracted to the people that take action and move forward.


I look forward to chatting and tapping with you on EFT and the Science of Getting Rich!

Take care!

Jeff Harding

PS There are 18 sessions that include 2-3 EFT tapping routines in each session...that's just under $6 per session...imagine listening in on an EFT session for only six bucks!!! Here's your chance:

Order securely and'll receive a receipt for your investment of $97 and then receive the download page soon after that!


Secure Ordering

secure ordering system


credit cards accepted




PPS Remember, it's guaranteed, so you have no risk and nothing to lose...only the chance to gain peace of mind! It's yours...take it!

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