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Jump Start with EFT! 


Your First Step Is Free ... Take It!


Ah, that's what I like, someone that takes action.  Of course, it's merely a  mouse click, but a step none the less ... so, congratulations!


I'm going to give you a few steps on how to get started using and learning this wonderful tool that can help you live free.  We'll start out with the FREE resources so you can get an idea of how this works and discover if it is something you want to invest in for yourself.


Let me be upfront with you.

I want to help you master EFT for your own personal growth!


… and, hopefully, so you can help others with their personal growth; at least your closest family members and friends.


As you consider taking these steps, keep in mind your objectives of living a free life.  Free from issues that are painful, restricting ... hey, let's call it what it is ... free from the stuff that feels bad.  If you have emotions or feelings that make life difficult, keep those in mind as you determine how much you want to invest to feel good ... to feel free!


Here are the FREE parts.


Step 1 - Download EFT Get Started Package & Tapping Chart

Get Started Package

  • Click on this link: EFT Starter Kit.

  • Click on the EFT Get Started Package link and it will instruct you to enter your email address.  You will receive an email from Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, with a pdf file of the EFT Manual and be signed up for his EFT newsletter.  Review the manual and check out the newsletters as they come.  In regards to the EFT manual, it would be best to focus on pages 14 - 32.

EFT Tapping Chart

  • Click here for an EFT Tapping Chart

  • Print it out and use this as a reference until you memorize the tapping points.

Additional Information

If you want to study additional information, check out the other FREE resources listed below:

EFT Newsletter Archives

EFT Tutorial


EFT Research




Step 2 - Review the FREE EFT Introduction Videos

The video that was produced by the founder of EFT, Gary Craig, can be found on the "home page" of this website.


Also, there are some videos that I produced that will give you an introduction to basic concepts of EFT, the Basic Tapping Routine or Recipe of EFT  along with some tips and suggestions.


Sign up for the FREE EFTzine...that's the blue box that floats down in front of you on most of the web pages...and just give your name and email address to access those FREE videos.  Plus, you will receive some other FREE tools as well and I will keep you up to date on workshops, events, information and tips to increase the effectiveness of EFT in your life!


Ok, quite a few benefits with no money

out of your pocket ... not bad, huh?


Let's get into some serious instruction and other tools to help you become truly free in life.  There are costs to these next steps, but you'll be quite surprised how reasonable, especially in light of the lifelong benefits you will reap!


This step will accelerate and supercharge your use of EFT and so you get the most out of this method for your own personal growth.




Step 3 - Order EFT Instructional DVD's

This was the most helpful of all the options in that I could watch them anytime, rewind if necessary and watch them over and over again.  You don't have to order them all right away, just work at your own pace.

  • Take a look at the selection and the incredible pricing, order EFT DVD's by clicking here.

  • Start by ordering “The EFT Foundational Library



Step 4 - Attend a Level I EFT Workshop

This is an all day workshop that is a gentle instruction, with plenty of hands on experience so that the concepts and procedures become integrated into your mind for lifelong use.


There is no substitute for live demonstrations and personal instruction.  The workshops are kept small so that you will get some attention and is comfortable to bring up questions and situations if you wish.  The workshop registration runs for $159, inquire about certain discounts that are available.



Ah, here's one of my favorites!


Step 5 - Order the Insight and Focus CD's

Ok, this is not related to EFT, but became a staple of my daily routine and more.  Both sets of CD's are about $50 and they help you with relaxation and meditation and focus on your reading, studying and other projects.



Step 6 - Attend a Level II EFT Workshop

This is a two day workshop that costs $259 and will propel you toward the ability to help others with their personal growth and becoming an effective EFT practitioner.


These steps will get you started in a relatively short time and low cost.



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